Seven thermal blankets for swimming pools with which to extend their useful life and improve the temperature of the water

The sun in the central summer months is usually inclement, especially in the central hours of the day. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the pool water conservationwhether it is inflatable or built, and avoid as far as possible its fast evaporation And later overheating. For all those who do not have a good shadow in their garden, a solution to eliminate these inconveniences —cheap and easy to install— is found in the thermal blankets.

These thermal covers are an accessory that will help extend the life of the pool, it will improve the temperature of the water and prevent dirt from accumulating on its surface, among other advantages. Among the selection that we have prepared in THE COUNTRY Showcasethere are models of recognized firms, like IntexY blankets of all sizes and shapes: rounded, square or oval.

Thermal covers for portable pools

Intex Easy Set Sun Cover

It is the best-selling product in the category of solar blankets for swimming pools. Being able to be purchased in its 2018 or 2022 model, it is sold in six different sizes: from 206 cm to 538 cm. Made of polyethylene and composed of sealed air bubbles, its thickness reaches 120 microns. It includes a transparent bag with which to facilitate transport.

Intex circular inflatable pool cover with cantilever

Available in five different sizes, this product has almost 40,000 reviews on Amazon. Made of synthetic material and with a resistant 18 mm vinyl, it is compatible with the 28110 and 28112 brand models and its overhang is 30 centimeters, being protected in its entire perimeter and not only on the surface of the water. In addition, it allows you to hold it with a rope in adverse situations such as gusts of wind.

Intex Inflatable Rectangular Cantilever Pool Cover

Suitable for Intex pools of the Prisma and Small Frame models, the peculiarity of this product lies in the small holes placed in its central part, facilitating a continuous flow of air from the outside into the water.

Thermal blanket for round pools in various sizes, by Tectake

Available in six different sizes (from 2.5 to 5.49 meters), this solar cover is very easy to handle, even by one person. It has air bubbles in its lower part, helping to keep the water at a stable temperature. It can be adjusted as needed by cutting it with the help of simple scissors.

Rectangular solar cover in two sizes

The manufacturer of this cover claims that it can reduce water evaporation by up to 90%, which will avoid filling the pool every two to three and save on the bill at the end of the month. The product has a thickness of 115 microns and is sold in two sizes: 260 x 160 cm and 300 x 200 cm.

⋅ Thermal covers for inground pools

UV-resistant sun cover in 14 sizes

A product with which we will be able to remarkably retain the evaporation of the water subjected to the influence of the continued sun’s rays. In addition, it transfers part of the heat to the lower part of the blanket, providing an optimal thermal balance. Ideal for places where temperatures drop more than necessary at night. The tarpaulin can be cut to any size and in different shapes: either round or square design.

Isothermal polyurethane cover

Available in five different sizes, this cover is designed to fit in-ground or in-ground pools. Made of polyethylene, it protects well from UVA rays, it is protected against deterioration and its thickness is 180 microns. Available in navy blue.

⋅ Thermal cover reels

Telescopic roller for inground pool covers

With a simple as well as effective mechanism, this type of product is designed for those who want to place and remove the thermal blanket quickly and store it without taking up much space. With a maximum development of 5.50 meters, its telescopic tubes are made of anodized aluminum. It is suitable for round, square or oval pools. Its ergonomic steering wheel has a twist grip.

Intex Solar Cover for Portable Rectangular Pools

In portable or inflatable pools we can also manipulate the thermal blankets with this simple mechanism. It is easily installed at the ends of square or rectangular inflatable pools with a maximum width of 4.88 meters. Its handle is made of non-corrosive plastic and has a lock to prevent the covers from unrolling once collected. For a higher price, you can also get the cover.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of June 14, 2022.

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