Survivor of the alleged murder of Marta Calvo: "I went to the shower and coca rocks began to fall from my parts"

With the jury of seven women and two men already formed and having read the briefs of the defense and the accusations, the second day of the trial against Jorge Ignacio Palma as the alleged perpetrator of three deaths, including that of Marta Calvo, and eight sexual abuses, all of them apparently preceded by major drug intoxications, has served for the first of the surviving victims, the UCO and the Police to expose the pattern of behavior of the accused, but also for the toxicological experts to point out that at least in some cases There must have been something more than cocaine.

The woman, a prostitute, has fully narrated her encounter with the accused, although at times she has had to interrupt her story due to nerves or tears. Thus, she has denounced that, without her consent, the defendant rubbed her entire body with cocaine, introduced it into her vagina and anus, and put this or another toxic substance in a drink. She was aware of what was happening when, in the middle of the service that the defendant had hired, she went to the bathroom feeling bad. “I got into the shower and coca rocks began to come out, five or six, many,” she recalled.

Palm’s method

According to the agents, Palma contracted the sexual services of the women asking them to consume cocaine with him, the calls white parties —inserting stones or balls of cocaine into the female genitalia—, but later, without her permission, he carried out other sexual practices.

According to the investigation, the first of these attacks occurred on June 29, 2018, when Palma hired the services of a prostitute in an apartment on Avenida de Les Corts Valencianes, in Valencia. She has been the one who this Tuesday has narrated in the first person how her case was and how a year and a half later she realized that whoever appeared in the media as the alleged murderer of Marta Calvo had also abused her. The cause that is judged in Valencia began despite the fact that the body of Marta Calvo still does not appear. The now court admitted having dismembered her, but never acknowledged being the author of her death. The investigations ended up attributing three deaths to Palma.

“He is a monster. I saw that man on the screen, I recognized him and said ‘I’m going to have the strength to denounce him, because if he doesn’t he’s going to continue killing more women,'” recalled the complainant, who stated that “her world collapsed” when she he saw “with his little glasses”. “That day I entered the room and when I sat on the bed I asked him if he spoke Spanish and he told me that he was Colombian. He smiled at me and I thought he was going to behave himself. He asked me if he used. He had a black bag and when he opened it the smell was amazing. He had four stripes on a tile and he told me ‘come on’ but I told him ‘don’t force me, I know how to do my job’”, she explained. Among the services that she offered was drug use, but she stated that in her case it was always feigned. “We know how to do it and (customers) don’t know about it,” she said.

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After that first encounter, the woman pointed out that Palma offered to give her a massage and that she was struck by the fact that one of her fists was closed. “After a few minutes I felt my heart go fast. I was cold and sweaty,” she recounted. Her thesis is that she had the powdered drug stored in her hand and that she mixed it with an oil to rub it on her body.

The second intoxication that he has reported was double and occurred when he asked him to perform “a 69″. “I went down to do the oral and told him ‘you even have coke in your balls, this is not normal’. When I finished I didn’t feel anything, at that moment he put the drug in my private parts. He never let me touch the back, I don’t know how he did it, but he managed to get the drug into my anus, ”she has claimed.

A help that did not arrive

The woman has told how when she returned to the room she drank from one of the courtesy glasses that was on the table and realized that she was the victim of a new intoxication. “When I drank it felt like sand. I told him ‘Son of a bitch, you’re killing me’ but he told me that he hadn’t drugged me”, she has assured her. Later, according to her account, she left the room and warned the “mommy” in charge of the apartment. “I told him, ‘Get me out of here, he’s going to kill me, please.’ Then I went to the kitchen to get a knife and I told him ‘he is killing me and I am not going to allow it’, she recalled.

“He got up coldly and told his mom ‘get this woman out, she’s crazy.’ I told him ‘don’t let him out, call the police, I’m dying’. He kissed me on the forehead and said ‘poor girl, how she likes drugs’”, he has pointed out. After the defendant left the apartment, she went to the hospital, which issued a report confirming the existence of cocaine in her body. “I told the doctor ‘I’m dying, they’ve drugged me’ and she told me ‘take five more minutes and you’ll die’. She drugged me all over,” she has claimed.

“It has ruined my life. I can’t have a partner, I’m terrified of men. I can’t have a boyfriend or a husband. I have tried to kill myself and I have not done it because I have my daughter, ”she assured between sobs.

Cocaine and something else

His story coincides with modus operandi established by the UCO, although the reaction of the drug in the surviving women was not always the same. “Three of the girls talk about partially or totally losing consciousness and they don’t know how long they were like that,” one of the agents reported.

In fact, the toxicology experts who declared on this second day warned that Palma could go further and pointed out that both the initial numbness reactions described by some women and the fact that the cocaine was not diluted in mucous membranes lead them to consider if there was “something else”. They have pointed to an adulterant or contaminant in the drug itself or in another substance administered in liquids that they were invited to drink.

“I want to draw attention to one thing. Some women had tried cocaine and knew its effects and said it was something else. Women who know what it is report that it was not normal, that it was something different”, warned one of the doctors.

Palma’s defense has wondered why the woman did not leave the house thinking that she had drugged him and why she did not immediately report the abuse. He has also questioned whether the victim had the papers in order at the time of the events, something that the woman said she did. The defendant, who was unable to have eye contact with the first victim as he was covered by a screen, has actively followed the session, taking notes and commenting on statements with his lawyer and in some cases shaking his head at some statements.

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