The Andalusian election campaign, live |  Ministers and national leaders turn to the candidates in the heat of the heat wave in the final push of the campaign

The pact for science, a priority for Andalusia

By Eva Saiz. The mantra of the necessary change in the production model in Andalusia inevitably involves investment in Research and Development to break the inertia of an economy based on the service sector, construction and mass tourism. In this legislature, Andalusia has been the autonomous community that has increased spending on R&D the most (1,600 million euros), according to data from the INE for 2020 —5.8% more than the previous year—, an increase that maintains to the region as the third that invests the most, behind Madrid (4,200 million) and Catalonia (3,600), but that does not take it out of the bottom positions in spending per inhabitant (188 euros), only ahead of Extremadura, Castilla- La Mancha and the two archipelagos.

Most of this investment effort, two thirds, is the responsibility of public institutions, in accordance with the Strategy for Research, Development and Innovation of Andalusia 2021-2027, prepared by the Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities of Andalusia. board. According to that report, with data from 2019, Andalusian spending on R&D was led by public universities with 679 million (44.1% of the total). Four of the protagonists of this strategic field spoke with EL PAÍS at the beginning of the electoral campaign of 19-J to address the situation of science and research in Andalusia.

They are the rector of the University of Granada, Pilar Aranda; the delegate of the CSIC in Andalusia, Margarita Paneque; the disseminator and professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Seville, Adela Muñoz; and the disseminator and doctor in Mathematics from the same university Clara Grima. The four underline that, even more important than increasing the amount of funds, is to reduce the bureaucracy involved in accessing them to develop their projects. And they advocate for a pact in education that revolutionizes the way in which children and adolescents approach science so as not to lose talent —especially female— along the way, making visible the importance of scientists in society. “Science is the engine of the world, it saves our lives, that is why it is important that we all look at the part of the electoral program of each party that is dedicated to science when voting,” says Clara Grima. They all match.

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In the picture, of Paco BridgesAdela Muñoz, Margarita Paneque, Clara Grima and, on screen, Pilar Aranda, during the talk with EL PAÍS.

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