Abascal, willing to force the electoral repetition if the PP does not put Vox in the Andalusian Government

Vox has burned the ships. Last Monday it was the candidate Macarena Olona who released it to the president of the Andalusian Government, Juan Manuel Moreno, in the debate on Canal Sur: “If you only need one seat from Vox, one abstention, to be president, you won’t It will be if Vox is not within the Government. This Tuesday, the leader of the party, Santiago Abascal, hammered home the nail at a rally in El Ejido (Almería): “If there has to be an agreement with the PP, it will be part of the Government.” There is no turning back now. Vox presumes that it is not like the “cowardly right wing”, alluding to the PP, who says one thing during the campaign and then does the opposite after the elections. Abascal boasts that he does what he says, even if the world perishes.

The órdago of Vox puts the PP in a tight spot, which is looking for ways out so as not to have to govern with the ultras, but it does not have many options and the possibility of a joint government is on the table. The popular ones will try to avoid that scenario by also pressing the PSOE, as Alberto Núñez Feijóo revealed this Wednesday from Vícar (Almería), precisely in the province in which Abascal warned him yesterday. The leader of the PP has avoided answering twice this Wednesday to the question of whether his party guarantees that he will not govern with Vox in Andalusia, and instead of him he has responded by calling for the PSOE to abstain. “The first thing, I understand, is that the PSOE will give us a solution. If the one that wins the elections is the PP and the PSOE has the possibility of supporting the investiture, there is no longer any comment about it”, he considered. “If the PSOE is bothered by Vox so much, let him prove it,” he has gotten rid of.

Alberto Núñez Feijóo visits the Indasol company, where he holds a meeting with businessmen from the agricultural sector
Alberto Núñez Feijóo visits the Indasol company, where he holds a meeting with businessmen from the agricultural sectorRafael Gonzalez (Europa Press)

Feijóo has complained about the “interest” of both Vox and the PSOE, he has said, “in Vox being in the Government.” “We are not Vox or the PSOE, we are the PP, and we have said it clearly: that our objective is to agree directly with the votes that come out of the polls without intermediaries. If we obtain a sufficiently solid result, we will start governing Andalusia on Monday at eight in the morning”, Feijóo emphasized. However, the PP is not as clear as its leader says. The popular insist that they want to govern alone, but they have not closed the door at any time in a categorical way to govern with Vox. They do not do it because they know that if the ultras force them they will have to give in or else they will have to repeat the elections, a scenario that is ruled out in the PP.

Until this Monday, those responsible for the ultra party had repeated ad nauseam that Vox would not give its votes to Juan Manuel Moreno nor would it support any Andalusian government that did not promote “real change” and limited itself ―as, in his opinion, it has done the coalition executive between the PP and Ciudadanos in these three and a half years – to manage the socialist heritage, without dismantling it. But this demand did not have to translate into a joint PP-Vox government and could very well be reflected in a legislature pact that incorporated some of the proposals of the ultra program, such as the repeal of the Andalusian laws against gender violence or memory historical.

Not anymore. Now it has become clear that the only possible pact between the PP and Vox in Andalusia goes through its entry into the Executive, as it has already done in Castilla y León. The argument is that Moreno deceived them in 2018, when he signed an investiture agreement with Vox without putting him in the government, and they no longer trust him. Significantly, the ultra party has raised its demand to touch power while filing down the sharpest edges of its program: Olona resigned on Monday from the closure of Canal Sur and on Tuesday justified his withdrawal by claiming that Vox had never opened regional television , but closing it is not the same.

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The star guest of the El Ejido rally was the vice president of Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardo, who spoke as if Vox ruled alone in that region and who presented himself before the audience as an exponent of the new stage in which the party ultra has gone from being in the opposition to entering the control room of the institutions.

The ordeal launched by Vox to the PP has allowed him to regain prominence in the last week of the campaign, but it has contraindications: Abascal has made it clear that he will force the electoral repetition if Moreno needs his votes to complete a majority and does not agree to put him in his government, which may drive away some voters. It is also a very risky bet because voting against the PP candidate together with the entire left is a lethal image for the ultra party and its voters could punish it in an eventual electoral repetition.

However, Vox seems to have come to the conclusion that it is better once purple than a hundred red. Abascal’s ultimate goal is not to enter the Andalusian executive, nor was it to be in Castilla y León, but in the Government of Spain, after the next elections and in coalition with the PP. According to sources close to the party leadership, twisting Moreno’s arm now and forcing him to accept Vox as a partner in Andalusia paves the way for Alberto Núñez Feijóo to end up assuming him as a government partner at the national level.

If the polls are fulfilled and Moreno needs the vote, or abstention, of the ultra deputies to be president, the negotiation may be very similar to the one that took place in Valladolid after the Castilian-Leonese elections: a Vox entrenched and willing not to move not a millimeter to despair of the PP. “On June 19, when the polls open, the negotiation will be very simple: others will have to rectify it,” Abascal warned.

Like in the mythical scene of the movie Rebel Without a Cause (Nicholas Ray, 1955), the cars of Vox and the PP are going to roll into the abyss while the electoral repetition timer advances, but Abascal assures that he will not be the first to brake.

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