Bradley Cooper opens up about his cocaine addiction: "I was very lost"

In Hollywood, celebrities are increasingly clear about their mental health problems or illnesses. However, addictions are still a taboo subject for many of them. Now Bradley Cooper has broken that barrier by speaking openly about his problems with drugs, specifically with cocaine. The 47-year-old actor has opened up in a conversation with a podcast american called smartless in which he has chatted about his addiction to cocaine.

The program is presented by the actors Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett, good friends of the interpreter of A star has been born Y The Sniper, that Cooper has been asked about how he got off the drug trail he entered in his 20s a quarter-century ago. Arnett, comedian known for being the voice of the series’ protagonist bojack horseman, among other works, commented: “I loved you very much and I wanted you to be well, and I knew that you did not feel well at all with all that”. To which his friend Cooper replied: “I was very lost, and I was addicted to cocaine.” In fact, during the talk, Cooper acknowledges that it was a serious conversation with Arnett in 2004 that “set him on the path of a life change.”

In the podcast, Cooper was explaining how his life and his rise to fame were not a bed of roses before finding himself with the planetary recognition that he enjoys today. In fact, he recounted a rough patch he had in the mid-2000s. “I cut my Achilles right after I got fired from [la serie de televisión] Alias”, he explained, saying that by then he had “zero self-esteem”. In fact, her character on the show dwindled significantly in 2003 and all but disappeared by the second season. In an interview with GQ In 2013, he already said that he only worked three days a week and that he had then had problems with alcohol: “I was going to sabotage my whole life.” The actor even asked the creator of the series, JJ Abrams, to take him out of it to do other projects. And there he was about to abandon the interpretation.

As he now admits, he was relatively lucky that everything happened to him when he was young, “at 29 years old”. “I thought I had already achieved it when I recorded the announcement of [los supermercados] Wendy’s… As far as thinking I’d done it, that’s when I said to myself, ‘I’ve done it.’ But it didn’t really feel that way, and moving to Los Angeles to do Alias It was like going back to high school: I couldn’t go to clubs, no girl looked at me… I was completely depressed”, he recounted, explaining that it took him more than five years to find his way. In fact, managing to overcome his addictions has made him the guardian angel of many others: Ben Affleck or Brad Pitt have told how Cooper has helped them to be sober and overcome his addictions.

Bradley Cooper, characterized as Leonard Bernstein in Netflix's 'Maestro'.
Bradley Cooper, characterized as Leonard Bernstein in Netflix’s ‘Maestro’.Netflix

After half a dozen roles in some romantic comedies and some series like Nip/Tuckeverything went on track thanks to Hangover in Las Vegas, a blockbuster that cost 35 million dollars and grossed 470 worldwide. “I was 36 years old when I made Hangover in Las Vegas, so I had to go through all those things before fame played a big part in my day to day life. All that happened before fame ”, recalled the interpreter, who today accumulates nine nominations for the Oscars as an actor and producer and who these days rolls Teachera biopic about composer Leonard Bernstein.

For Arnett, Cooper realizing his accomplishments and “allowing all these changes to happen” in his life allowed him to come into his own and become the person and global star he is today. “That’s true,” acknowledged his good friend Cooper of him. “I definitely made huge strides between the ages of 29 and 33 or 34, when I was at least able to get in front of someone, breathe, listen and talk.”

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