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The keeper is a character from Greek mythology who guarded the (transcendent) access door to certain worlds. Today that metaphorical figure defines the people who take care of others, monitor or watch over the protection of something, and have gained increasing prominence in everyday life. Traditionally, it is a critical position in team sports, and it is becoming so in companies. Psychologists, nutritionists, sleep specialists, physical trainers and other professionals make up the team that contributes to well-being in a company.

The wellness Corporate is making its way, and Savia responds to that need of companies to take care of their employees, their main capital. For this reason, he offers segmented attention based on the needs of the company and each of its members. The model he has developed has three pillars: emotional health, nutritional health, and physical health. The reason is simple: the well-being of a person is a 360º concept, encompassing the physical and the emotional. Both feed each other, they are so connected that the origin of a physical problem can be the manifestation of an emotional one.

In the last five years there has been a change in the model in the workplace, from a pattern based on risk prevention to another focused on health promotion. The goal of the program wellness de Savia focuses on conserving that personal and collective capital that is health. Preserving it in turn helps companies retain talent and improve productivity. A few years ago, companies seeking to position themselves as corporate references incorporated plans related to nutrition or physical exercise, but their effect in reducing health risks and well-being was very limited. Savia’s model goes one step further, it is not general, it is oriented to the specific needs of each company and each of its employees.

Employees have different specialists at their disposal to deal with emotional or physical problems, such as a physiotherapist.
Employees have different specialists at their disposal to deal with emotional or physical problems, such as a physiotherapist.Shutterstock

A solution for every need, that is the idea of ​​Savia’s programs. A worker may wonder: in addition to exercising, can I improve my diet to control stress? The answer is yes, the nutritional health program focuses on physical and emotional well-being and incorporates anti-stress nutrition, as well as sports or cardiac nutrition, as well as healthy recipes. The same idea governs the other pillars of well-being, physical and emotional health. In this last area, workshops are offered to companies for specific groups related to the well-being of employees (resilience, managing emotions, etc.).

The kind of wellness Savia’s corporate structure has an immediate reflection on some very important parameters in the workplace. Having a well-being guardian, a psychologist, a nutritionist or a physiotherapist at hand automatically translates into a reduction in absenteeism, as well as improving the climate at work and increasing team motivation. In employees, greater tolerance to stress and satisfaction with their job is observed, as well as an improvement in healthy habits and an increase in personal and family well-being. Improving the company’s image and its results is a consequence of the well-being of each of its employees.

He knows in depth all the sides of the coin.


well-being can be measured

Healthy companies promote healthy lifestyles and transmit and instill this idea in their employees. These are companies that incorporate into their corporate profile the wellness of its workforce and actively and continuously promote it to better meet its objectives. In an environment as competitive as the business environment, measuring the fulfillment of these objectives is essential, hence it is equally important to be able to assess the tools used to achieve it. Savia offers that possibility through data analysis. The information on the health parameters of each employee is anonymous, as established by European regulations, the company only has aggregated data.

Healthy companies incorporate the ‘wellbeing’ of their staff into their corporate profile and promote it to better meet their objectives. Savia offers that possibility through data analysis

Having this valuable information makes it possible to predict and prevent possible health problems. Anticipating in many areas of the business world is key and Savia gives companies the opportunity to stay ahead in everything related to the well-being of their employees.

The wellness It is a global concept in which the closest environment is important, family or friends, and also the workplace, where a person develops professionally and personally. Savia offers answers in this area by making guardians of the physical and emotional health of each employee available to companies. It shows up daily in our lives. In team sports, in private property, in the human organism: it is necessary to have a good guardian to safeguard what is most precious and appreciated.

The day to day of a guardian of emotional health

Estefanía Villanueva, psychologist at Savia Mapfre Salud.
Estefanía Villanueva, psychologist at Savia Mapfre Salud.

The activity of the psychologist is increasingly in demand because it plays a key role in the wellness company, along with other wellness professionals such as nutritionists, rest specialists or physical trainers. Estefanía Villanueva, a psychologist at Savia Mapfre Salud, has been helping for 20 years to manage stressful situations typical of the work environment, to manage emotions and conflictive cases (harassment, etc.). How is your work at Savia useful to companies?

• Focuses its activity on prevention. “It is essential to deal with work stress, above all, to avoid burnt out syndrome,” says Estefanía Villanueva. Intervening before the problem arises benefits everyone, the employee and the company.

• Helps to acquire healthy habits. “The working day has to have a beginning and an end,” says the psychologist. The activity can be very vocational and the involvement of the total employee, but work is not everything in life “because mental health must be safeguarded”.

• Improves productivity. Well-being is an investment for the company and health insurance for the employee. “Stress does not make a person more productive, on the contrary, it can lead to repeated absences from work and the abandonment of work,” explains the psychologist.

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