The caregiver of the actor's aunt Luis Lorenzo assures that the old woman got worse after arriving in Madrid

In the judicial process on the controversial death of Isabel Suárez Arias, aunt of Arantxa Palomino, partner of the actor Luis Lorenzo and his partner, Arantxa Palomino, the caregiver of the old woman, who died on June 28, 2021 at 85, declared this Wednesday years, and the victim’s brother, José María. The latter was the one who initially denounced the “disappearance” of the deceased and who, after learning that she had died at her niece’s house in Rivas-Vaciamadrid, requested an autopsy, which revealed an alleged poisoning of the octogenarian with heavy metals. (cadmium and manganese). “The old woman got worse after arriving in Madrid”, Ana Elizabeth Vaca, Suárez’s home caregiver, has testified in Court number 9 of Arganda del Rey (Madrid), with which she has ratified her statement before the Civil Guard. Vaca came to provide her services in the house through the company Felizvita and, later, she preferred to disassociate herself from the aforementioned company and reach a direct agreement with the couple for a monthly salary of 1,800 euros.

The lawyer of María Isabel’s brother, Luis Tuero, outside the court in Madrid, on June 15, 2022.Video: EUROPE PRESS

Lorenzo and Palomino, who lived together with their two children under the age of eleven and nine, have been accused of murder since they were arrested on May 25. According to the investigators of the Homicide Group of the Madrid Command, the motive for the alleged crime was to seize the inheritance of the old woman, who supposedly had her will changed before she died in favor of Palomino. The judge released them provisionally with precautionary measures, after both pleaded not guilty. Next Friday he will take their statement again and decide whether or not to enter prison, as requested by the private prosecution.

progressive worsening

The caregiver of Isabel Suárez Arias has told the judge in the case how there was a progressive worsening of her health since she settled in Rivas Vaciamadrid, together with the couple and their children, until she died three months later. This statement, which is considered crucial to clarify the details of the case, has lasted for almost three hours.

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For his part, the brother of the deceased (and complainant) has ratified this morning the accusation against his relatives, whom he blames for Isabel’s death to seize his inheritance, arguing that when he was in Grado (Asturias) he had no pathology , except deafness and cataracts.

The autopsy, which he requested, determined that he died of “intoxication” of heavy metals: cadmium and manganese. However, the absence of traces of these metals in the liver and in the respiratory tract has questioned whether this is the reason for death. Cases are known in which, due to a biochemical process after death, these metals pass into the blood, later being found in very high doses. For this reason, the prosecutor has requested a new forensic report to determine the exact cause of death. Other forensic experts consulted and familiar with the case assure that “a negligent or inappropriate administration of medications” could also have occurred.

One of the family’s lawyers has stressed upon leaving the court that the caregiver’s story has been “inconsistent” in relation to her first statements in which she spoke of a “situation of abandonment” of the old woman, who was He would have also diagnosed severe dementia at that time. “The woman recounts her work in that home: If a person does not have diapers, they have lice, if a person is in a wheelchair and had no problems before, these are situations that we see as a consequence of something,” the lawyer stressed.

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