The youngest victim of the alleged murderer of Marta Calvo: "He gave me drugs, I was unconscious and he did not call the ambulance"

The alleged youngest victim of Jorge Ignacio Palma, alleged murderer of Marta Calvo, Arliene Ramos and Lady Marcela Vargas, has stated before the court that judges the accused that he arranged a meeting with him in December 2018 in which he lost consciousness and he doesn’t even remember if he had sexual intercourse: “He gave me cocaine, I became unconscious and I don’t know how long I was like that. He didn’t call the ambulance.”

This is how the victim has spoken, as a witness, before the jury that judges Jorge Ignacio PJ, accused of three deaths and of trying with eight other women in the period of 15 months, from summer 2018 to November 7 2019, the date on which the last of the victims died and whose body has not yet been located.

Jorge Ignacio faces, as the Prosecutor’s Office claims, 130 years in prison for 11 crimes of sexual abuse and a crime against public health.

For their part, the parents of Marta Calvo, who act in the proceedings as private prosecutors, ask for the defendant to be held in permanent prison for review. The other victims in the case also claim this penalty. The defense claims acquittal.

On this day, the second alleged victim of the accused declared, with whom he stayed on December 19, 2018 in a house in Isabel la Católica de L’Ollería. The young woman explained that she was just 18 years old at the time and that she met the defendant through a website in which she advertised her sexual services.

Jorge Ignacio, as he has narrated, contacted her and asked her if they could have a ‘white party’, which was to “consume cocaine”, to which she agreed. They met in Valencia around 1 in the morning and he picked her up in a car to go to L’Ollería. Halfway there, he stopped the vehicle and offered to consume cocaine, to which she agreed.

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he didn’t take anything

“He stopped the car and took out a very large bag of cocaine, exaggeratedly large, which occupied both of his hands,” he described. After that, they continued walking until they reached a house, where he took out a “prepared” glass of wine, with the bottle open. “It was overly bitter and I didn’t drink much,” he said.

He then offered her more drugs and asked her to have sex without a condom. She refused. At a certain moment she began to feel very bad and listen to the accelerated music, so she asked him to let her sit down because she was dizzy.

Meanwhile, he insisted on having unprotected sex and on the victim consuming cocaine, a drug that he introduced to her tongue with one of his fingers without her being able to react. He then tried to put it on her private parts but she refused. “She told me that it was very funny, that nothing would happen and I replied that she did not want to”, she has narrated.

The young woman, as she explained to the jury, was still dizzy and the defendant stopped being “so nice” to become “serious and with a cold look.” “I agreed to take the last drug because he was being too heavy and to see if he would shut up. I don’t remember anything else, ”he asserted.

“I woke up -he continued- and he was on top of me like slapping me in the face. I got up from the bed and when he was going to stand up I fell because my legs didn’t work. He picked me up, half scooped me up, and carried me into the bathroom, where he showered me. He soaped me up and helped me out of the bathtub because he was not able to judge the distance”, he has said.

After that, he returned to the room and the accused told him that he had been unconscious. “I thought I had fallen asleep because I didn’t remember anything. She told me at first that she had been unconscious for 20 minutes and when I asked her why she hadn’t called the ambulance she told me it had only been five minutes”, he has exposed.

And she added: “I was surprised because when someone becomes unconscious they call the ambulance. I didn’t understand the reaction. She also told me that she had a seizure. Then she asked me if she wanted to continue and I said no. He paid me 100 euros and we left”, she pointed out, to add: “When I arrived in Valencia I realized that the 100 euros he had given me had been taken from my wallet beforehand”.

The victim has stated that he does not know how long he could have been unconscious: “I spent about three or four hours without touching the mobile phone and that was not normal. I used to pick it up and play it to change the music or something. It was strange for me to be disconnected for so long, ”she has narrated. “I think I was like seven hours there. I was not aware of the time that had passed, ”she added.

During all that time, the young woman has stated that she did not see the defendant drink or consume cocaine. “He didn’t even drink the wine he brought me. He was carrying a bottle of water. I also don’t remember if we had sex. When I woke up I was naked and he was not wearing the top part but the bottom part I do not remember, ”she has pointed out.

contacted again

The year after the events occurred, the defendant, whom he had blocked on his mobile phone, tried to contact her again through her email, but he never read the message.

He has stated that he recognized him thanks to his parents, to whom he had told them what had happened to him that night: “I told them part of what had happened to me and that reminded them of the Marta Calvo case and they told me to see the case. I looked it up online and saw it. She knew that she had been with him and, furthermore, her name appeared in the emails. I remembered her face very well, ”he added.

As a result of what happened, the young woman had to be treated by a psychologist: “I had many problems, recurring nightmares and needed support to settle the issue, not to dream or think about it,” she explained.

On the other hand, in this Wednesday’s session a girl with whom the accused contacted on November 10, 2019, three days after the disappearance of Marta Calvo, also declared. He has stated that he had a conversation with Jorge Ignacio on WhatsApp in which he proposed a ‘white party’.

“I told him yes but I didn’t make an appointment or anything,” he added, so he never got to see him. She has explained that the Civil Guard called her to ask about this conversation after having tracked the defendant’s cell phone and she gave them the phone. She has indicated that the defendant was very empathetic and that what she understands by ‘white party’ is to consume cocaine if you want, but in no case introduce it in the private parts.

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