Barcelona expects to generate between 700 and 800 million
The board of directors of Barcelona during the assembly.
The board of directors of Barcelona during the assembly.fcb

Barcelona obtained the approval of its compromising partners to carry out the sale of two assets: BLM —the club’s retail company, which is in charge of managing physical stores, sales through third parties, online sales and licensed products — and television rights.

In the current year, Barcelona plans to enter 56 million thanks to BLM, more than double what it billed in the last campaign (22) and close to the 55 it registered in the 2019-2020 season, before the pandemic. “We need to expand this business,” warned Juli Guiu, responsible for marketing. 75% of this business unit, as explained by the board in the assembly, is developed in the local market. Barça’s idea is to develop the BLM company in the world and for that Guiu understands that the Barça entity needs a partner. “Investors will help us grow. We expect to invoice 1,200 million in the next six years. We need a partner who is a mix between financial and industrial, who understands the business, but we will be the ones who will have the editorial line”, explained Laporta. The president clarified that Nike is not included in the sales pack and that in no case will more than 49% be sold. The club hopes to save a repurchase option and ensures that it can get between 200 and 300 million for BLM. “It will inject cash and growth potential into us. If Barça were not in this economic situation, it would also be advisable to carry out this operation”, recalled Eduard Romeu, economic vice-president. The assembly approved the sale of BLM with 568 votes in favor, 65 against and 13 blank. There were 4,478 partners called.

Once the sale of BLM was approved, Barça needed the sale of the television rights. The employer charges 1,796 million per season, less than half of what the Premier enters (3,633), but more than the Bundesliga (1,440) and Series A (1,313). Barcelona receives 166 million euros per season from LaLiga for television rights. Barcelona asked its partners to cede 25% of this asset. That is, stop receiving no more than 41.5 million per season in a maximum of 25 years, which is equal to 1,037 million. “Our idea is to generate 200 million for every 10% that is sold,” said Romeu. So, Barcelona’s idea is to enter 500 million now, instead of 1,037 in the future. They stop receiving 537. “This, unlike the BLM, is an exclusively financial operation.” And, according to the Barcelona board, the sale is beneficial, especially since it is only about 5% of the club’s total income. The partners also endorsed the proposal: 494 voted in favor, 62 against and 13 blank.

Barça aspires to sell between 700 and 800 million to clean up the hole of negative funds of 600 million.

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