Keep insects out by using this fly screen for doors with a magnetic closure, now available in 16 sizes
A convenient and economical solution to ward off mosquitoes at home is to purchase a mosquito net for doors with a magnetic closure.
A convenient and economical solution to ward off mosquitoes at home is to purchase a mosquito net for doors with a magnetic closure.

There are many ways to avoid contact with insects inside the house: from properly covering the garbage in the kitchen to not leaving the lights on or not using perfumes or scented soaps. However, there is a simple solution, versatile and very comfortable to apply with which to forget about them during the day and also at night: we refer to mosquito nets. On this occasion, we discover the magnetic mosquito net for doors with the most reviews on Amazon: 50,000.

It is among the three best-selling products in its category on the platform within the section of Screen doors with mosquito net. A product that is also supported by its high rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The ease of installation, assembly, adhesion to the frames of all types of doors and its value for money are the elements that users who have had the opportunity to enjoy this mosquito net praise the most. “These are curtains that look good quality, the magnetic closure looks strong and the velcro too,” a user congratulates.

It allows easy passage, does not remove light and resists the wind well.

One of the advantages of this mosquito net for doors with magnetic closure is that, in addition to stopping the entry of bugs, mosquitoes and various insects, it allows people to pass through it very easily: both the circulation of people and our pets. “Very useful to live with pets that come and go continuously. My dog ​​learned in a few minutes that she had to push with her nose. Highly recommended”, highlights another user.

The fabric with which this mosquito net for doors has been designed promotes the natural passage of light, regardless of the color we choose: we can choose between black color, the target or gray (this one in a single size), taking into account the decoration of the room and the furniture. “Just as she expected, she is perfect. Its fabric allows light to pass through, it opens easily and closes instantly without difficulty”, details a third client.

Its two curtains close in the central area in a jiffy thanks to its powerful magnets, which provide great sealing and are conveniently hidden within the fabric, making this anti-mosquito mesh well resistant to various intensities of breeze and continuous use. “The magnets are perfect and they close automatically even when the wind blows,” explains Itxaso.

Removable, portable and washable: How should we install it?

Though this anti-mosquito mesh of the Apalus brand is used for practically any kind of door (sliding, construction, vehicles such as caravans, typical patio doors or the most common used in the living room), it is necessary to follow a series of steps to place it with great ease: no need to use nails or glue.

Clean the frame and measure the top of the door are the first two steps. Next, separate the protective paper from the velcro and stick it firmly to the frame structure. After that, we will hold the mosquito net from the center by pressing the velcro at both ends. The center of the fabric should not be hanging on the ground. Remember that if the door opens inwards, we must place it outside the frame and vice versa.

Very easy to install and the instructions and recommendations are clear to understand. I loved it!, says a user. In short, a product at an exceptional price (from 14 euros), which offers a much higher than average performance. Fight mosquitoes this summer from the comfort of your sofa!

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of June 16, 2022.

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