Sacrificed 650 animals from a clandestine slaughterhouse in Madrid that distributed lousy meat throughout Spain

A hanged cat, a pile of dirty knives on refrigerators full of blood, a plucker for birds with the remains of dozens of birds, some shopping carts with more rust than you can imagine… This is the scene they found Seprona agents in a clandestine operation in the Madrid municipality of El Molar. There were 650 animals. that had to be slaughtered, some of them positive for salmonella. The Civil Guard has arrested six people responsible for this creepy illegal slaughterhouse, which distributed meat to Asian food establishments in Madrid, Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, Valencia, Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country.

When the agents arrived, there were still some vans on the farm in which they transported the meat without a trace of the proper conditions to maintain the cold chain. At that time, 350 kilos of merchandise prepared for distribution were seized. They transported the food in simple coolers, like the ones you take to a day at the beach, with a few blocks of ice. “The sacrifice of animals and the burning of remains within the same farm were observed,” specifies the armed institute in a note. The discovery of this farm of the animal nightmare occurred within the special operation deployed after the detection of cases of avian influenza in the Community of Madrid.

In February, the first case was detected in the region, a duck found dead in the Pedrezuela reservoir (Guadalix de la Sierra). The appearance of outbreaks of bird flu in cities such as Madrid, Leganés or Pozuelo has led the regional government to adopt restrictions to stop its spread, such as limiting open-air breeding and limiting access to water. The objective now is to prevent the spread of the virus and that wild birds end up infecting farmyard birds. It is in this context that Seprona’s controls and surveillance have been intensified and it has been possible to dismantle this operation.

Chickens, ducks, goats, pigs and donkeys. Everything fit in this frightening Noah’s ark without any type of veterinary control, neither before nor during nor after the sacrifice. Remains of garbage accumulated on the farm and there was no refrigeration due to the high temperatures that Madrid is registering. The detainees are accused of a crime against public health and also of mistreatment because they did not put any measures to guarantee the welfare of the animals, nor did they apply any type of stunning to the specimens before slaughtering them to avoid unnecessary suffering, as specifies the regulations.

The agents began to pull the thread when the surveillance device observed how those responsible for this exploitation loaded the merchandise in vans or cars and took it to a polygon in Fuenlabrada, from where they left for their final destinations. Sometimes the cargo went to Asian restaurants in the community, and another part went to other points through a courier service. “The transport was carried out without any type of sanitary control, so after the verifications in terms of distribution, the registration was made in the livestock farm,” specifies the Civil Guard. Inspectors from the Community of Madrid also participated in the search operation.

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Specifically, the network had outlets in El Moral, Aranjuez and Fuenlabrada (Madrid), Lebrija (Seville), Lucena (Córdoba), Fuente del Fresno (Ciudad Real), Manises and Alfafar (Valencia), Lugones (Asturias), Liencres (Cantabria) and Basauri (Vizcaya). In addition to the six detainees, another 12 people have been investigated for fraud and crime against public health. Animals that have come out of this slaughterhouse of horrors will no longer be served at any table.

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