The Andalusian election campaign, live |  The PSOE refuses to facilitate the investiture of Moreno so that he does not depend on Vox

The electoral programs, under examination | Equality: A Ministry of Feminism against “repeal all gender laws”

By Isabel Valdes. The left occupies the majority of the discourse of feminism in Andalusia; in debates, rallies, and also in electoral programs. PSOE, Por Andalucía and Adelante Andalucía share a perspective in their promises for the elections, although it is the last two that have more similar specific proposals. The three include issues such as the abolition of prostitution, emphasize education as a pillar to eradicate violence and inequality, and focus on measures that help eliminate gender roles, with special attention to young people and men.

Meanwhile, on the right, Vox’s only point referring to equality is the promise to “repeal all gender laws”; Ciudadanos focuses mainly on “families” and the LGTBIQ+ collective and the points they include are either less specific or lie in strengthening what already exists; and the PP has a program closer to the socialist than the rest of the parties in its spectrum.

Here, a brief review of the underlying policies and some of the specific measures of the five organizations –except for the extreme right-wing party due to the vacuum in its feminist policy, which already supposes an analysis by itself–.

structural policies

In the cross-cutting proposals, such as the creation of specific institutions, the most in-depth are the Andalusian Gender Equality Observatory proposed by the PSOE and the first Ministry of Feminism promised by Adelante Andalucía and Por Andalucía, which also introduces the Gender Equality Observatory. Psychological Macho Violence [aunque en Andalucía ya opera el Observatorio Andaluz de Violencia de Género]. Adelante Andalucía also promises a review of fiscal policy with a gender perspective and allocate 5% of the entire Andalusian budget to feminist policies. These initiatives suppose the incorporation of the feminist perspective as part of the political project and not only with specific measures to alleviate specific problems.

Without that amplitude, but in that line, the parties also foresee legislative changes or structural plans.

In violence and Equality, the Popular Party includes the First Comprehensive Plan for Raising Awareness and Prevention of Gender Violence, the development of the Andalusian Strategy for the Fight Against Trafficking in Women and Girls, approved in the last legislature, and a Strategic Plan for the Equality of Women and Men in Andalusia until 2028; the PSOE promises a new specific law for Andalusia in this area and Adelante Andalucía, a Law on Obstetric Violence. In addition, all of them include specific measures or changes in relation to the victims and orphans left by sexist violence.

concrete policies

In matters of employment and taxation, the popular ones commit to establishing equality plans in companies and public entities and changes in taxes on the self-employed to facilitate access for women. The Socialists promise aid to companies that give full time to women who have part time and request that change. Adelante Andalucía chooses to promote women’s initiatives with specific programs and credits; Por Andalucía wants to guarantee that the Administration does not have contracts with companies in which there is occupational segregation, salary gap or female precariousness. Citizens points to a “deepening” of the Andalusian pact for Gender Equality at Work.

In terms of care and co-responsibility, they all come together, some with more specific questions than others. The PSOE, with a Care Pact and an analysis of what gender impact exists in the dependency system; the PP, with a Conciliation Strategy and For Andalusia, with a Law on Single-Main Families.

Although all incorporate more measures than those previously exposed, in the end and in practice, progress towards equality and the eradication of violence will have more to do with the conviction of each one in incorporating feminism into their political project than with the promises that they have left in writing in their programs.

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