Five possible changes in Selectivity and the obstacles that are encountered

In La Rioja, success has been practically total this year in the ordinary call for university entrance exams: 99.36% of the students from the baccalaureate who have taken the mandatory Selectivity exams have passed. These figures may change slightly in the coming days, when the claim processes of students who have asked to review the grade of any of the subjects are closed. The same in La Rioja as in Murcia, the community with the lowest number of approved (93.1%) among the six autonomies that have so far released the first results of the Evau of 2022.

From now on, and after the claims from which the final results will come out, the applicants will have to do the math to choose the races in which they are going to apply for a place. By clicking on this link you can check the dates of publication of results and prescription in the campuses of each community. And in this search engine, review last year’s court grades in all undergraduate degrees.

The following is a summary of the information published by the communities that already have results from the ordinary call for Selectividad 2022, which, for the third and last time, has a simplified format due to the context of the pandemic that offers students a greater margin to choose the questions they wanted to answer:

Community of Madrid: 94.5%

Of the 33,663 students who began the selectivity tests 10 days ago, 31,819 have passed, that is, 94.52%. This figure is practically the same, just a few tenths lower, than that of last year: 94.94%. As usual, the percentage of success this year is higher among Science students (96.94%) than in the rest: Humanities (90.32%), Arts (91.80%) and Social Sciences (91.81%). The highest grade corresponded to a person (his sex and identity are unknown, due to data protection), who studied at the San Juan Bautista public institute: he obtained a 10 in the Ebau and had a 9.94 average of Baccalaureate .

Castile-La Mancha: 95.04%

95.04% of the 7,729 students who attended Castilla-La Mancha have passed, one and a half points below a year ago: 96.44%. The community was the protagonist of one of the controversies this year around Selectivity due to a series of errors detected in the Mathematics II exam that even made the president of the region, Emiliano García-Page, react. By campus, in Albacete they have approved this time 94.43%; in Ciudad Real, 95.60%, in Cuenca, 95.11%; and in Toledo, 94.98%.

Murcia: 93.1%

In the Region of Murcia this year the percentage of approved students has dropped by more than two points compared to the previous year: from 95.6% to 93.1%. The best grade in the general phase was obtained by Paula Piñero, a student from the Colegio Santa Joaquina Vedruna in Cartagena, and José María Moreno, from the Diego Tortosa public institute in Cieza. Both are tied for first position with a 9.99 out of 10.

Aragon: 97.02%

In Aragon, only 178 students of the 5,988 who took the tests have failed, that is, 97.03% have passed, the third highest percentage of those revealed so far, although it is slightly below the figure for last year: 97.88%. By provinces, in Huesca the proportion was 95.20%; in Teruel, 98.06% and in Zaragoza, 97.33%.

Navarre: 97.7%

97.73% of the 3,300 students presented have passed the Selectividad in Navarra this year, a few tenths below those who did so in 2021: 98.35%. By linguistic profiles, of the 2,436 students enrolled in the compulsory phase who completed their studies in models G and A (Spanish), 2,428 people applied and 2,375 (97.82%) passed, and of the 874 students taught in Basque (model D) have approved 97.48%.

La Rioja: 99.36%

99.36% of the second year Baccalaureate students who took the Ebau in La Rioja have been declared fit. Specifically, 1,397 of the total of 1,411 students enrolled in the compulsory phase of the tests have been declared fit to pursue university studies, 9 have not passed the test and 5 students did not show up. It is the only community, of those that have already published data, that has seen the percentage of approved students grow compared to last year, which was 98.67%. As for the results obtained, the average grade was 7,599, a figure practically the same as last year’s, which was 7,554.

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