The former Decibelios guitarist sentenced to almost 11 years in prison for abusing and prostituting two minors under 15 years of age

The former guitarist of Decibelios Jaume Orriols has been sentenced to 10 years and 9 months in prison for abusing and prostituting two minors under 15 years of age. The musician has recognized the facts this Thursday morning at the Provincial Court of Barcelona in an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office, and subsequently a sentence has been issued. The court ruling indicates that in addition to the admission of the crime by the already convicted, there are “recordings” from which “he infers, without any doubt” that Orriols “committed the acts subject to prosecution.” In the sentence, the highly qualified mitigation of the damage repair with the payment of 24,000 euros to each of the two victims as civil liability has been taken into account.

The penalty represents a very substantial reduction of the initial request of the Prosecutor’s Office, which requested 50 years in prison. Orriols has been convicted of the crimes of prostitution of minors, sexual abuse, production of child pornography, indecent exposure and illegal possession of weapons. In his brief statement, the man has admitted the facts described by the public ministry and in just a few minutes the case has been seen for sentencing. Despite having admitted the accusation in court, Orriols continues to maintain on his social networks that he has actually been the victim of a mafia that has extorted him.

The sentence states that, between November 2019 and February 2020, Orriols sexually abused two minors under the age of 15 in exchange for money and recorded it. The first time, she contacted her through a WhatsApp chat in which she explicitly requested to have sexual relations with a minor under 15 years of age for 400 euros. The second, whom he also paid, came to her through a friend of hers. The case was uncovered when the mother of the second victim had access to her cell phone. The young woman had suffered a suicide attempt, and her parent kept the phone, where she discovered conversations between the defendant, then 40 years old, and her daughter. The woman found out who he was, called him, and told him that she would report him. He claimed that he was unaware that he was a minor.

Despite this, a month later, in February 2020, the man met the young woman again, this time in a copy shop in Sant Andreu, in Barcelona, ​​again to have sexual relations and record them on video. The man, according to the sentence that considers the prosecutor’s account fully proven and as he himself has admitted today, took it to the back room and recorded it there. When she told the camera that she was 15 years old, he asked her to repeat it again, but saying that she was 16.

The arrest of Jaume Orriols in March 2020 and its subsequent media coverage caused an earthquake in the music scene. Contacted by this means, the then defendant denied all the facts. Decibelios initially defended the guitarist from him and assured that the published information was false. Finally, after several announcements, the band announced its dissolution.

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Jaume Orriols has always maintained his innocence around him. In his defense, he has argued that he was being victimized by a mafia that was extorting money from him and that he would tell about it in a book. In today’s trial, he has not mentioned that thesis. He has not even made use of his last turn to speak, to which he is entitled by law.

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