The general director of Google Spain defends that artificial intelligence will have more impact than electricity

The general director of Google Spain and Portugal, Fuencisla Clemares, defended this Thursday the importance of artificial intelligence, which, as she has said, will have a greater transforming power than electricity. “What is happening is overwhelming”, she has qualified to point out that artificial intelligence must be the decisive bet in the way of managing businesses and operations. Clemares has spoken of the three fundamental axes in which it can have an impact: the transformation of the commercial model, the optimization of operations and innovation. The person in charge of Google has given an example of her own company and has indicated that the biggest expense in it is the energy cost to cool its data centers. On a process that they already believed to be optimized, the immersion of a small artificial intelligence team managed to reduce the energy bill by 40%. For this reason, she has defended that this will be one of the keys to the sustainable development of the countries.

The head of Google has sponsored the new 188 graduates of the EDEM business and entrepreneur school, whom she has urged, as future business leaders, to understand that “a greater investment in digital skills”.

The graduation has also served to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the center in an act presided over by Hortensia Roig, president of EDEM and Juan Roig, honorary president and president of Mercadona at the Valencia Conference Center before more than a thousand people.

Hortensia Roig has highlighted the rate of employability and entrepreneurship of the students, which is close to 95%. This data, as she has said, responds to the agility of the center when it comes to adapting programs, whether they are masters or senior management courses. “It’s the best way to measure ourselves,” said Roig, who made reference to the 100,000 jobs that are left unfilled each year in Spain due to the gap between training and what employers demand. “At EDEM, we try to prepare both junior and senior students for the positions that the market demands. Perhaps therein lies the secret of having carved out a niche for ourselves in the education sector in these 20 years”, she stated.

Despite the praise of technology, Hortensia Roig has asked the students not to forget the people who “will always be at the center because they are the ones who make decisions and solve problems”. In addition, she has spoken of the current “fragile and incomprehensible environment” which, as she has said, “is the one in which we have had to live”.

In his speech, Juan Roig has vindicated the figure of the businessman and for this he has used a quote from Winston Churchill: “Many look at the businessman as the wolf that must be shot down, others as the cow that must be milked and very few as the horse that pulls the cart. Roig has addressed the students and has urged them to achieve that this is the image that civil society has of businessmen “and first we have to believe it, be honest businessmen and get the maximum benefits”, as he has said . “We don’t need subsidies, that we pay them from our taxes, but that society facilitates our work, that it doesn’t put sticks in our wheels, that we show our faces and are proud to be entrepreneurs.”

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