The Government spokeswoman on TV-3's decision to cover her neckline: "It was not successful"

The spokeswoman for the Catalan Government, Patrícia Plaja, published this Thursday afternoon an open letter to the public in which she explains her version of what happened last Wednesday, when in the middle of her speech on a TV-3 program they uploaded the blouse she was wearing to cover her cleavage. Ella plaja accepts the channel’s version, according to which her wardrobe team put her tweezers on her because she saw him uncomfortable with her cleavage. “And I believe it. But the decision was not correct and there is no doubt about that because otherwise we would not be talking about it, ”defends the spokeswoman in her letter. “The cleavage of the Government spokeswoman has not caused any crisis but it has caused a controversy as absurd as it is avoidable,” continues the text, which advocates that the episode serve to end aesthetic pressure against women.

“The low-cut blouse that I chose to go to an interview on television did not make me feel uncomfortable” and what happened has not been taken as censorship either, clarifies the spokeswoman, who has received multiple expressions of support in recent hours for what Many of these voices do qualify as a moral correction by Catalan public television. Plaja remembers those moments when, while a video was being shown, the stylists entered the set and adjusted her blouse. “Have you seen my breast?” I asked as the costume professionals repositioned my blouse. Nobody answered me. ‘Have you seen my breasts?’, I repeated again. But there was no time for the explanations that came later and that are already public. Someone is going to mistakenly think that she was not comfortable and with the best of intentions she is going to try to fix it. But it was not successful, ”she has explained.

Plaja had attended the morning program on TV-3 to take stock of his first year as spokesman for the Executive, a figure that has not been without controversy. The Government led by Pere Aragonès chose to professionalize this figure, in order to prevent it from ending up trapped in the partisan game, but with the handicap of not participating in all the meetings of the Government. The spokeswoman had announced the launch of new mechanisms to explain to the public the work of the Executive beyond the weekly press conference. Hence, the controversy of her neckline would sit especially badly on him. “From this controversy we learn that we cannot normalize the aesthetic pressure that women still suffer,” she defended.

“The grace period is over: it is no longer valid to justify that the comments were well-intentioned or that they were not intended to offend. Do you know what is the best way to not make mistakes on this issue? Say nothing. We will dress as we want, without asking permission or waiting for an opinion”, the spokeswoman stressed, recalling how 14 years ago the cleavage of the former German leader, Angela Merkel, was also in the news during an official visit to Norway.

One of the voices that came out to defend Plaja was that of the journalist Mayka Navarro, who also participated in the TV-3 program. “I am going to vindicate the cleavage of the Government spokeswoman, Patrícia Plaja, who in an incomprehensible way has been censored during the interview. I, who also have a lot of chest, if the cleavage allows me, I claim the cleavage of the spokeswoman Patrícia Plaja, mine and that of all the women who appear on this television, ”she said then, second after her blouse was raised to the spokesperson.

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