The Madrid Prosecutor's Office investigates a veterinary transfusion center for draining blood from animals to death

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Móstoles-Fuenlabrada area, in Madrid, has sued a businessman who was dedicated to trading in the blood of animals to whom he subjected to “painful and cruel practices”, according to the public ministry. The lawsuit reflects that, in the centers directed by the investigated, a large part or all of their blood volume was extracted from the specimens “without being able to adequately replace it until they died.” The blood was sold to veterinary clinics that used it for therapy or transfusions to other animals. The Prosecutor’s Office maintains that between April and May about 60 animals died drained, especially dogs and cats. The investigated is president of the Association of Animal Hematology and Hemotherapy, an entity that is dedicated precisely to certifying laboratories like his.

Everything started from an investigation on a farm in the Madrid municipality of Humanes, owned by the person under investigation, in which the Civil Guard suspected that this activity was being carried out irregularly. The agents verified that the man was also the owner of the Veterinary Transfusion Center, a business that was dedicated to trading in the body fluids of domestic animals. The complaint warns that there is no registration, authorization, or licenses in the name of said businessman, which is why for years he carried out his activity “in the most absolute secrecy.”

The agents searched both the Humanes farm and the laboratory and found dozens of animals in terrible conditions and hundreds of bags of plasma ready for distribution. The Civil Guard released more than 200 specimens, among which were dogs, cats and rabbits. The owner of the company and another person were arrested, but have been released pending further investigation.

The animals that arrived at this farm belonged to owners who wanted to get rid of their pets and also to protectors who needed to place them somewhere for their care. “The person in charge of the facilities was a citizen of Moroccan nationality who also helped in the blood extractions,” specifies the Civil Guard.

The public ministry also accuses him of professional intrusion because to perform extractions and transfusions on animals you have to be a veterinarian and the name of the person under investigation does not appear in the official association. Both on his networks and on his website, deleted after the open cause was made public, the businessman posted and announced participation in specialized conferences, alleged scientific publications and collaborations with dozens of veterinary centers both in Spain and abroad. This newspaper has contacted the defendant, who has declined to comment because “it is an open process.”

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On the Humanes farm, young greyhounds were found, “being a universal donor breed, which was repeatedly subjected to painful and cruel practices through the use of prohibited methods,” specifies the Prosecutor’s Office. The investigations indicate that they extracted “a large part or all of the animal’s blood volume without being able to replace it adequately until it died with a perforating puncture towards the projection region of the heart.” In summary, the investigated allegedly applied an unnecessary euthanasia with “unnecessary suffering and suffering”.

The investigation indicates that the blood of the animals was transferred in portable refrigerators to the place where the laboratory is located, in Madrid, and then it was sold to the different veterinary clinics in the Community of Madrid. The carcasses of the animals were cremated in a crematorium in Yuncos (Toledo).

On the now empty website, the birth of this center was explained in a text with many typos and misspellings: “The Veterinary Transfusion Center was inaugurated in 2006 when we began to be able to produce blood components (concentrated red blood cells and plasma), previously from the In 2002 we were a Blood Bank that only had the possibility of whole blood and we worked in the Community of Madrid. We have been growing and we currently work exclusively with veterinarians offering our haemotherapy services throughout Spain and other countries of the European Community such as Italy, Belgium, France and Portugal”.

In one month, the Prosecutor’s Office has recorded the death of 27 dogs, 29 cats, three rabbits and a ferret. On its website it had posted a complete catalog with all the products it offered, although it specified that to check rates it was better to contact the center. The public ministry calculates in its complaint that the approximate value that 400 milliliters of dog blood would reach in the market would be about 80 euros, and the same amount of cat, about 85.

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