The new fireworks: one hundred drones with lights draw the sky of the Barcelona beach

On Wednesday night, Barcelona’s Somorrostro beach was the exceptional setting for the first light and music show performed with drones in the Catalan capital. The show was baptized as ECO and was designed and put into practice by the company Flock Drone Art, which is the creator of the show that was seen on the Barcelona coast. For the show, a hundred drones were used to draw images such as a planet, the Phoenix bird, a flower with petals or the word (much applauded): Barcelona.

“Each of the lights taking off are unmanned craft known as drones. Each drone is programmed within the set to offer you an innovative and surprising experience, all accompanied by a custom-made soundtrack. A perfect union between art and technology that is also respectful with the environment and that we are sure will surprise you”, with this voiceover, an unprecedented show began in the Catalan capital. On the sand of the beach, dozens of people – mostly tourists – gathered to enjoy the images.

The public approached this new experience with the same habits as when they watch fireworks displays. Experience has nothing to do with it. Viewing drone-generated images is a calm, uneventful and even a bit childish activity. The music and the voice-over led the attendees through a story where whales, circles, eyes, worlds appeared… calmly and slowly while the public exclaimed and ended up applauding the shapes that dozens of lights drew in the Barcelona sky. .

Miguel Lyons, the commercial director of Flock Drone Art, highlighted that his entire team has been working on this project for two months, which served as the final touch to the 27th International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA 2022) promoted by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). “It is the first show of these characteristics that has been seen in a large Spanish city. It is very different from a fireworks display as it allows for a width that fireworks cannot achieve. We make images of 80 meters of year to 100 meters of height”, indicated Lyons.

The spectacle was visible from much of the coastal area of ​​the Catalan capital. Lyons assured that from where it was best contemplated it is at a distance of 300 meters. The sky became a true blackboard where for 15 minutes to let the imagination fly.

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