This is how Marta Calvo's investigation 'rescued' the possible first fatality from oblivion

Arliene Ramos was a young Brazilian woman who in 2019 worked as a prostitute in an apartment in the Eixample neighborhood of Valencia. In the early morning of March 25 of that year, after a service that included the consumption of cocaine with a client who ran away, she became unconscious and suffered a pattern of seizures and cardiorespiratory arrest that caused her death a few days later. The case was initially investigated and shelved as death was attributed to an epileptic seizure. It happened despite the fact that there was no previous diagnosis of the disease since she came to identify Jorge Ignacio Palma as the possible client, who had also been portrayed by a camera that was on the floor.

It was not until the arrest of Palma, after the disappearance of Marta Calvo, that the Civil Guard began to connect the dots until they also attributed responsibility for this death. In total, he is asked for 130 years in prison for 11 cases of sexual abuse and the three deaths, either as homicides or as murders for having been able to cause fatal overdoses in his victims by introducing cocaine into their genitals and anus.

The fourth day of the trial against Palma has begun this Thursday the analysis of this case and has done so with the testimony of one of the women who shared a flat and profession with the deceased. As the jury has been able to see in a video, she was the one who opened the door to the accused. An hour and 12 minutes later, those images show Palma walking out of the flat and leaving the door open behind her.

The witness recalled what it was like that night “I remember that I had made some spaghetti, we had dinner and this person knocked on the door. I opened it and led him into a room prepared to receive. She told me ‘I want to meet girls who like the ‘white party’ and Helena came (that was the name she used) and her friend and Helena told me ‘she is going to go in with me’”, she has recounted.

He explained that he stayed in a small room near the apartment door and that about an hour after they entered the room, he noticed someone leaving and was surprised not to hear the sound of the door closing.

“I felt that the door to the street had not been closed, that it makes a lot of noise. I started calling her, I knew something was wrong. I was walking down the hall and when I got there I saw the door to the room open and everything was dark. I was scared, I went in a bit and I was lying on the bed. I thought I had cut her neck because of how she had her head, I started screaming and called her friend, ”she recalled. The witness has also drawn attention to the “supernatural” swelling that she noticed on her clitoris when she was totally naked.

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“We carried her down the hall to the door. She had foam and blood coming out of her mouth, that’s where the doctors say that she died because she had a heart attack. I thought that she was still alive, I lowered her and caressed her. We took her down in the elevator and there, in the courtyard, I realized that she was dead, ”she said between tears.

Seizures and overdose

The various doctors who treated Arliene have referred to the situation in which she was and the possible causes of the seizures she had, which go beyond suffering from epilepsy. “An overdose of cocaine can cause epileptic seizures,” pointed out the emergency doctor, where she did not arrive dead when the SAMU managed to revive her.

The person in charge of the ICU has pointed out that there was then no information that the woman could suffer from epilepsy and has indicated that already then they decided to follow a judicialized protocol with the samples that were taken. “In this case it was done because the patient was in a deep coma and something violent or abnormal was suspected. She takes a sample, a custody is made and sent to the laboratory, “he detailed.

palm, identified

As for the local police officers, they have explained that once they went up to the women’s flat they found a small table with cocaine scattered next to the bed in the room where the service took place. Also that the description of the client was given to the patrols and that a few days later, in a routine control, one of the agents who had participated in the device, identified Palma and believed that she could be the man they were looking for. She was in a car with 7,000 euros and three telephones of which she did not want to explain and told them that he was on provisional release and awaiting trial.

“We thought it might be this person. We called the National Police but no one came. Later I made an expanded report with all the information I could collect and it is the one that we sent to the National Police, ”said the agent. But in the end, the investigation did not go any further, the case was shelved and only the disappearance of Calvo and the subsequent arrest of Palma rescued Arliene’s case from ‘forgetfulness’.

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