Two 'mossos' face 18 years in prison accused of placing drugs and illegally detaining a longshoreman
The weapons and drugs introduced in the stevedore's car, in a photograph published by the Mossos.
The weapons and drugs introduced in the stevedore’s car, in a photograph published by the Mossos.

The story was a nightmare that lasted three years, the time that CL, a stevedore at the port of Barcelona, ​​was charged. It began on June 15, 2016, when he was arrested in the parking lot of his gym, after a kilo of cocaine, hashish, a semi-automatic pistol, an ax and a knife were found in his car. And it formally ended on May 31, 2019, when the court made it clear that he had nothing to do with that drug or those weapons. Now comes the second part, the trial against those suspected of setting him up to imprison him. The prosecutor asks for 18 years and 9 months in prison for two mossos d’esquadracorporal Francesc A. and agent Xavier G. And another 15 years for his two alleged cronies, Joaquín B. and Juan Antonio R.

The public ministry maintains that the police officers (who were arrested in 2017 and are free, but separated from their work), together with the other two defendants, “by common and prior agreement”, obtained the cocaine and hashish, “acquiring them from ignored providers. They had the drug for an “undetermined time” for “sale, exchange, delivery to third parties or consumption.” They were also made with the semi-automatic pistol, the ax and the knife. And all of this was used to “involve the stevedore of the port of Barcelona CL” in drug trafficking and illegal possession of weapons, with the aim that he suffer “the distressing consequences of a criminal procedure and, especially, the deprivation of liberty that would inevitably be remembered for him,” according to the prosecutor.

Both mossos d’esquadra they provided “essential information” for the plan. Stationed at the Sant Martí police station in Barcelona, ​​they consulted the databases for information about the stevedore and his vehicle, knowing that it was not justified for them to do so. The prosecutor points out that they “provided” this information to the other two defendants, Joaquín B. and Juan Antonio R., who “proceeded to monitor and monitor” CL to “learn about their routines.” The goal was to get the longshoreman jailed.

Once his life had been studied, “the four defendants in execution of the outlined plan agreed that they would the placed of drugs and weapons in CL’s vehicle” on the evening of June 15, 2016. They knew that he would leave it in the parking lot of his gym, on Diagonal Avenue. And they set that specific day because one of the two policemen, Xavier G., was on duty and “could control events.” To do this, the mossos they informed the other two men of how the police station where they worked worked. They were given the nickname of one of the agents assigned to narcotics, “Trini”, the one with the most “informers”, so that they would call the guard telephone number, say that they were one of their confidants, and give a credible “tip”, he says. The prosecutor.

And they do it like that. They called the cell phone of the police station, they said that there was a Golf parked in the gym with drugs and a police operation was mounted by Xavier G., who was on duty that day. Previously, they had opened the car, put the weapons, the cocaine and the hashish, according to the prosecutor. At nine o’clock at night, when CL left the gym and approached his vehicle, he was arrested for the drugs and weapons found inside. The longshoreman remained detained for three days in the dungeons, he was immersed in a three-year judicial process, with the emotional, social and economic wear and tear that he entailed. His arrest was publicized in the media and came to his environment.

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The investigation has not made it clear whether the defendants acted “on their own initiative” or at the “instigation and interest of unknown persons.” In the background of the cause lies clashes in the stowage. The victim of the plot, CL, was accused without evidence of being the author of a website that spoke of various workers at the port of Barcelona whom she implicated in an international plot dedicated to drug trafficking. Precisely one of those mentioned in that blog, David C., whom the allegedly corrupt police officers also consulted in the databases, was accused of instigating the hunt against CL, something that has not been proven.

Both mossos d’esquadra They were arrested by Internal Affairs of the Catalan police after more than a year of investigation. To demonstrate their alleged criminal activity, they placed microphones in their office and in their vehicle. They also audited their queries in the police system, in addition to subjecting them to surveillance and tapping their phones. To all this, is added the statement of two protected witnesses, whom the prosecutor has asked to be summoned at the trial, which still has no date.

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