Bosch Masterchef mini blender: crush ice or fruit effortlessly and carry the shake in your backpack
With the Masterchef Bosch mini-blender you can make all kinds of shakes and take them in your backpack thanks to its leak-proof bottle.
With the Masterchef Bosch mini-blender you can make all kinds of shakes and take them in your backpack thanks to its leak-proof bottle.

The heat makes us think more slowly, move more slowly and cause us to feel a bit apathetic during the day. Eating an optimal diet is key to counteracting the fatigue caused by the consequences of high temperatures, especially in times of heat waves. In THE COUNTRY Showcase we have dived for Bosch website until we find an accessory that helps us with this task: it is the VitaPower Series 2 mini jug blenderavailable at an affordable price: for 62.90 euros.

This machine bears the Masterchef imprint, being used by the contestants of this popular cooking contest to achieve fabulous smoothies, refreshing and healthy in their elaborations. Just as you can do it from home: in short, a blender that it will become an essential on the kitchen counterboth for their compact dimensions (367 x 122 x 126 mm) as per their excellent benefits Y finishes.

Portable capacity, easy to handle and equipped with premium blades

Operation couldn’t be easier: it has a single speed selector, by which its engine is capable of performing up to 40,000 revolutions per minute. A key factor whose mission is to allow crush ice to perfection either crumble frozen fruits effortlesslyneither for us nor for the machine itself.

But we would not taste some shakes so homogeneous if this blender does not match some premium blades. With a star-shaped design, they are made of stainless steel and its edges are reinforced. Its flow impellers, in addition, optimize the mixture to leave very fine results.

As if that were not enough, it incorporates a automatic cleaning program. And, if we want to clean each of its parts in depth, we can also they can be put in the dishwasher: both the jar, as well as the lid, its blades and the rest of the accessories. And as for capacity? Its 600 ml are perfect to fit in backpacks, shoulder bags or medium-sized bags.

Leak-proof bottle and unbreakable recyclable plastic

With this glass blender from the German firm we do not need to resort to any adapter when beating each of the ingredients: can be made directly from your ToGo bottle, being all in one. It comes equipped with a evolved security mechanism with which we will avoid accidental openings. Its lid has a ergonomic handle attached to one of the sides: a point that favors its transport without the need to grasp it with the whole hand, only using a couple of fingers.

On the other hand, the container is constructed with tritan materiala compound of recyclable plastic and safe for health as it does not contain BPA, BPS or any other type of bisphenol. It turns out, moreover, unbreakable compared to other glass or plastics that wear faster. And the best of all: it does not retain any smell or flavor of the different recipes that we will prepare in it.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of June 17, 2022.

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