The judge keeps actor Luis Lorenzo and his partner free for the death of Aunt Isabel

The Court of Instruction number 9 of Arganda del Rey has agreed to keep the actor Luis Lorenzo and his partner, Arantxa Palomino, at liberty, investigated for allegedly ending the life of María Isabel Suárez Arias, Palomino’s aunt, according to legal sources. The accusation brought by a brother of the deceased had requested imprisonment for the couple, while the prosecutor had requested that they remain free and with the precautionary measures of periodically going to court and the prohibition of leaving Spain.

The magistrate’s decision comes almost a year after the woman’s death, which took place on June 28, 2021 at the home of the investigated couple in Rivas Vaciamadrid (Madrid), in the presence of their caregiver and their two young children, nine and eleven years old. After the death of the old woman, the couple moved the body to Asturias for her burial without notifying any relatives, who — despite repeated calls — had not been able to communicate with “Aunt Isabel” for three months. It was then that José María Suárez, brother of the deceased and who had filed a complaint with the Civil Guard for her “disappearance” after she left with his niece for Madrid, requested an autopsy, suspecting that “it was not a death. natural”.

In a hearing held this Friday, the prosecutor has requested that those under investigation remain on provisional release with the precautionary measures already imposed, the withdrawal of the passport and the weekly appearance in court. However, the prosecution appreciates indications that the death could be due to a murder.

The autopsy, key in this investigation, revealed that the 85-year-old woman died of “poisoning” of “homicidal etiology”, finding levels of cadmium and manganese in her blood 200 and 20 times higher than a normal amount, respectively. However, forensics suggest that these levels can be produced by a biochemical reaction post-mortem, and they value that the death may have been caused by an “inadequate or negligent administration of other drugs” that the woman was taking. The judge released the defendants on provisional release with precautionary measures after declaring both innocent.

The lawyer of the Asturian family of the deceased appealed for the provisional release of the couple, estimating that the judge adopted this measure in a court hearing, held on June 3, to which he was not summoned, despite exercising the private prosecution . Despite letting both of them go free, the judge imposed on them the withdrawal of their passports and the obligation to appear weekly in court, as requested by the Prosecutor’s Office.

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The statement last Wednesday of the caregiver, who attended the death of the old woman alone when the couple found themselves outside the house that morning, ratified the three months of horror and deterioration that Isabel Suárez Arias lived before she died.

Luis Lorenzo and Arancha Palomino, upon arrival at the courts.
Luis Lorenzo and Arancha Palomino, upon arrival at the courts. Antonio Gutierrez (Europa Press)

He testified as a witness and recounted before the judge the “worsening” suffered by María Isabel Suárez after arriving in Madrid, in which she went from being independent to not being able to move in bed. “She has recounted the worsening of a woman, who goes from being fine to not being able to fend for herself,” one of the prosecution’s lawyers, Luis Tuero, told the media, explaining the statement given by the caregiver who was took care of the deceased.

“We have a lady who was in Asturias on March 2, she was self-employed, she cooked food, worked the garden… and a few months later she had a mental situation for which she was not aware,” said the lawyer, who assured that he did not was asked neither about the cadmium nor the manganese found in the body of the deceased in the second autopsy that was performed, which revealed that she had blood levels of these substances 200 and 20 times higher than a normal amount, respectively. “Both substances were in her body and that is not debatable or debatable. When the coroner declares, she will explain everything, ”she has pointed out.

On the other hand, the Investigating Court number 5 of Avilés decided this Wednesday the return of the custody of Arancha Palomino’s son with his ex-partner. The court hosted a hearing on Wednesday in which the father of the child and Arancha’s ex-partner had asked that the 11-year-old minor not return to his mother due to the “great fear” of the “mental destruction” of the minor, justified the progenitor. The minor, who has been picked up by his mother, had been left in charge of the father after the arrest of Arancha and Luis Lorenzo last month.

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